About Us


Clients offer us the design chart or process sample, we can help the development of metal precise mechanics turning, sampling, mass production or settlement of positive electrodes, grinding, polishing, vibration, electroplating, black- dying, coating, passivating, heat treatment… etc, and further surface process or assembling of parts and semi-finished goods.
Tsai Hsing insists to provide the resolution for parts development, process in whole position to help clients to simplify the additional transportation & processing cost to increase market competition.


Tsai Hsing has created new mechanics turning technique and has the ability to vertically integrate the production process for several years. Tsai Hsing successfully OEM/ODM numerous precise mechanical hardware components for the industries of semiconductor, glass process, optoelectronics, motor vehicle machinery, 3C electron…etc, and obtain the confirmation and trust from suppliers.


To join the excellent technique in mechanics turning and have the good production facilities & custom-made service, Tsai Hsing in year 2012 brings in the most advanced CNC 車銑復合精密走心機, 車銑複合精密走刀機, process external diameter under 51m/m, the longest to 600 m/m, which can provide clients to produce rapidest, stable, high precision and good production ratio for any precise metal process parts.


Team of Tsai Hsing insist on the best quality, fast process ability, good service in CNC lathe process in whole position and competitive production cost to meet the demand of clients in the development, sampling & mass production of precise parts.

“Best quality & top priority for our customers” is our service principle and Tsai Hsing always makes products to meet the request of clients with honest and responsible attitude.